January 28, 2014

The Center of the World

India Protest

1) The center of the world is not just the way we live, it’s also how we are forced to live.

2) The center of the world is not just the way we live and how we are forced to live, it’s also, above all, the way we accept to live.

3) Therefore, the dissolution of the center of the world can only be understood as a rejection of the way we live and how we accept to live.

The center of the world is not entirely foreign to us. To dissolve it, it would be enough to change our way of life. Arguably, the center of the world is an expression of our mission and that any action that we do to ourselves, is an action against the world and its center. The fight against the center does not arise in terms of class struggle, as if the center was foreign, but in terms of personal commitment in terms of disobedience.

Excerpt from Guy Debord and the “center of the world ” Yves Le Manach


El centro del mundo

1) El centro del mundo no es sólo la manera como vivimos, es también la manera como nos vemos obligados a vivir.

2) El centro del mundo no es sólo la manera como vivimos y la manera como nos vemos obligados a vivir, es también, sobre todo, la manera como aceptamos vivir.

3) Por lo tanto, la disolución del centro del mundo sólo puede comprenderse como rechazo de la manera como vivimos y aceptarnos vivir.

El centro del mundo no nos es del todo ajeno. Para disolverlo bastaría que cambiáramos nuestra manera de vivir. Puede decirse que el centro del mundo es la expresión de nuestra misión y que cualquier acción que podemos ejercer sobre nosotros es una acción contra el mundo y su centro. La lucha contra el centro no se plantea en términos de lucha de clases, como si el centro nos fuera ajeno, sino en términos de compromiso personal, en términos de desobediencia.

Extracto de Guy Debord y el “centro del mundo” de Yves Le Manach


January 26, 2014

free abundance

free abundance

The term “cultural commodities” refers to products of the print and audio-visual industries including movies, television, publishing, radio, and music. These products are vehicles for the transmission of values, lifestyles, and ideologies that many see as corrosive to the recipient culture.

We have changed from an economy based on scarcity, to one based on abundance –the long tail abundant marketplace where this “cultural commodities” will be available online, virtually free.

January 26, 2014

who worries about the squirrels doing what they want?

who worries about the squirrels doing what they want?

There are all sorts of reasons why children misbehave in school. By the time a student is reacting with violence, it’s too late to institute a quick fix. Newspaper articles about children whose behavior problems have turned tragic often talk about missed opportunities and why nobody helped. All kids misbehave some times, but behavior disorders go beyond mischief and rebellion. With behavior disorders, your child or teen has a pattern of hostile, aggressive or disruptive behaviors for more than 6 months.


January 9, 2014

Switch off please


We posted earlier this week a story outlining the origin of the alleged tiny ET creature to be showcased in Dr. Steven Greer’s Sirius documentary to be released later this month. We chronicled how this creature was none other than a case known in Chile as the La Noria ET from 2003; the name comes from a ghost town of the nitrate era in this part of Chile’s northern Atacama Desert region. We left the story sort of in a cliff hanger as to what happened to it once it was acquired by a Spanish businessman from Barcelona.

January 9, 2014

music for cleaning


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January 8, 2014


usa el gas

La comida de microondas contiene tanto moléculas como energías que no están presentes en la comida cocinada de la forma que los humanos lo vienen haciendo desde el descubrimiento del fuego. La energía de microondas del sol y otras estrellas se basa en corriente directa (DC).

Las microondas producidas artificialmente, incluyendo la de los hornos microondas, se producen por corriente alterna y fuerzan un billón o más de cambios de polaridad por segundo en cada molécula de alimento que golpean.

La producción de moléculas antinaturales es inevitable. Los aminoácidos naturales, se ha observado, pasan por cambios isoméricos (cambios en su forma morfológica) y también por transformaciones hacia formas tóxicas bajo el impacto de las microondas producidas en hornos.